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Test administration reliability

2 min read

After a rather technical topic last week, we're looking now at something that's perhaps more mundane: test administration reliability. (In case you are wondering, I'm following the order in Brown & Abeywickrama, 2010, out of sheer convenience.) This will be a super short post.

This reliability is basically about test conditions. Is the room too hot/cold? Clean? Are the tables and chairs of the right height? Comfortable? Is the room well and evenly lit? Are there distractions, like noise?

If it's a pen and paper test, are the question papers printed clearly? If media is used, is the audio/video clear and of good quality? Generally, does the technology used work as it should? Do the devices run smoothly? Is the projector in good condition (i.e. image not dim or distorted)? Can everyone see/hear the media equally well? Is the internet connection fast and stable? Is there a backup plan should something fail to work?

Essentially, is there anything about the test conditions that would prevent students from doing their best?

These are issues that may take a bit of time to iron out, but are actually relatively easy to take care of. As always, if you have comments or questions, please tweet with .

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